I have worked as a software developer since 2003. I have a wide range of skills available, including Android Mobile applications, Desktop applications and Websites. My specialisms are in C#.NET, Java, PHP, Oracle & MySQL.

Android Applications

Nottingham Outlaws - An official Nottingham Outlaws application featuring Live score, fixtures and tables. Download this Application
League of Gentlemen - An application which provides sound effects from the popular show. Download this Application


I also enjoy developing websites. I have been involved in developing the following websites: - this fine website your reading - Assisted with some of the dynamic content of the website design. - a promotional website for Cambridge based musician - A website I developed several years ago to help people publish a list of gift ideas.


As part of my personal development I taught myself C#.NET, and have developed applications to help with budgeting, and tracking exercise. using a variety of design techniques such as MVP, and MVVM. I will be publishing free versions of this software in the near future..